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  1. Love me today
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Proud of this song and the message,


i've always been there, you've always been there
so close, yet so far away
but we've got to get through this love you hate you
pretending.. we’re both ok
Baby don’t run now, try holding ground.
Stop, bracing yourself for a fall
Don’t know where this goes..life has winding roads,
when you, cant see horizons at all..just Call
Me and Say, say, say love me today
little risking , becomes existing,
to wake up, and beg through each day
but as I get older, I feel much bolder
to live..and not play things so safe
but with each heart break / every piece you take
to build up and strengthen your wall
we're so high right now.. baby don’t look down, and you
wont see how far you’ve to fall…just call
me and.. say say say Love me today
we’re so high right now, lets not think things down
and we'll, savor the view each day brings
Theres no headwinds now, but if rain and clouds
start to undercut lift from your wings…just Ring
. me and say..