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  1. What a world

This was a re-write from a song of my brother, ken Martin, a great songwriter in his own right.
" a lion, a scarecrow, and i said to the tinman..you better turn back, cause they wont let you in man..just go away."


I took all my troubles to a wizard named Oz
A wizard would surely find worthy my cause
The doorman said yes he’ll know just what to do
But you’ve no appointment so good day to you
Sir go away, don’t come back you’re wasting my time
I turned from the castle not sure what to say
A girl and her dog they were coming my way
A lion, a scarecrow, and I said to the tin man
You’d better turn back cause they won’t let you in man
And Oz had been nothing at all like I dreamed
It’s all smoke and mirrors where horses bright green
Turned lavender
It’s all just a run around here
Everything’s lavender
And there’s no real wizard at all