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  1. Yellow #5

Top-40 / upbeat.
Progress? "Come and admire my..electric flower (TV) in bloom"


I’m alright now, I think I can breathe
Just got to calm down, Stop overreacting
When we finally all go without, We might find what we need
I had a dream where I saw Styrofoam trees
And plastic honeybees were buzzing around in my eyes
And from my garden I made chemical pies
While humming lullabies, to smokestacks in the distance
I saw a scene where we had cellophane streams
And pretty flowers would wither in the sunshine
Instead of shame when all the acid rains came
We all would kneel down and give thanks to the pipelines
Don’t even think about, You can’t live without
Tv in every room, Yes I need, Creature Comforts
Come and admire my, Electric flower in bloom
Concrete mountains reaching up to the sky
Were never pretty, But cut back on the drive time
There was no shade, Newspapers had to be made
And all the playgrounds, Were closed because of drive-bys
Can’t you see the things that matter, Up there on your corporate ladder
Maybe you can help to make it right

We were afraid to just go out and get laid
Cause the disease had finally brought morality
So me and the band had all this time on our hands
Cause it occurred to us that death was a reality