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  1. Lift Me Up

Having watched my brother go through a divorce I penned this song. If only energy in a marriage was spent building each other up.


Lift Me Up
will you lift me up, will you bring me down
will you take my hand, or just lead me around
will you take my heart
or not take anything at all
will you say again how you love me
be my best friend will you love me
will you break this wall..
That I have built around my heart
ll you stay, by my side
if you promise me i promise i
will help us see our way..till there's no breath in me at all

will you walk with me, through the sunshine
let the world rush by, while we take our time
can we just lie here
and not go anywhere at all
if you know.. deep inside
that you'll never make tears in my eye's
then maybe you and me, will do anything

I know ..You know
if we take our time, then love might grow
and if you don’t lie, then maybe I won’t too.

when I grow old, will I hear you say
that you love me more, each and everyday
will you stay the same, so I wont have to change at all
will you still..Dream of me
when this world is finally through with me
then maybe you and me...Will do anything