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  1. Pieces of Blue

Crossover melodic - Too many reminders, everywhere there's a little "piece of Blue".


I’m alone tonight
with mistakes i made in my background
it's the touch i miss
but it'd be ashamed to waste a night like this
and imaginary lovers..never leave till their through
Maybe I’m lonely
maybe I’m just too blue
maybe I’m waiting, for a phone call from you
but I thought that I had cleaned up
all of your past residue
oh but every where there's a little piece of Blue

I’m alone tonight, with the ghost I have in my background
I would still have heart, if I only knew what I know now
oh but Ghost make better partners..
Cause they listen to you


Maybe I’m crazy, but there's somethin bout being wrong right?
Maybe I’m hoping that there's justice in blues
and you'll be haunted every night by those you've used.