The ultimate outlaw song. Warning - Explicit Lyrics!


I just can’t quench my thirst for bread
Now they’ve gone and put a price on my head
Some tried to collect and wound up dead
Cause I’m too good at bad, right

Tried to raise me better with a strap across my back
Said you’re gonna wind up swingin’ with a rope around your neck
But my life kept rollin' the wrong way baby
It’s a bonified mother-#%$* train wreck

I wish that you’d buy back my soul
Cause I sold it once for rock and roll
Once my faith got stolen the train kept a rollin’
And you can’t pay the devil with a rain check

Oh you can’t save me from myself
Cause I’m close to god but nobody else
I’m stuck here in the middle
Give me just a little
And I’ll work something up on the side
Amen, everybody ride

I tried to teach the world to see
Only poor men who get labeled thieves
On my tombstone write that my son got back
What they took from my mother-fuckin paycheck

Oh you can’t save me from myself
Cause I’m close to God but nobody else
I’ll keep this run together
No one lives forever
I’ll see where death and I will collide
And tell them all I’m gonna ride