You are quite possibly the most interesting writer I've ever had the pleasure of giving feedback to, this song is so compelling and so beautiful, I think you should definitely let more people hear it as a representation of your skill set. in terms of evaluating the lyric, I don't have much to say, because its so unique and gorgeous..I wouldn't change a thing.
 - NSAI     Review of "what a world"
"Gary Music reveals talent, maturity, and chemistry. It is complex and powerful and deserves a spot in any music collection"
Sherry England / Backstage pass
There's a lot of good music coming out of Oklahoma..,my pick of the month to become a big commercial success.
Ralph graves. Nightfling magazine

Attractive, sophisticated rock, with entrancing melodies
Doug Hill - Pop magazine

Train Wreck belongs on a top ten list. Gary has a good understanding of music and composition.
Hound dog - Thunder roads magazine

Gary is one of the great songwriters in this part of the country. Remember the name!

Larry Morris  Music review