As a musician you have to have a "Hey look at me" persona. But.. that's the opposite of who I really am.
Like most, I want affirmation and accolades for my music, but I would write my songs regardless.
It's my diary
I recently had a singer ask me to write her a song to record,
I was honored, and i said i'll do my best. She told me I was her favorite songwriter.
Thinking of what she said that evening, it motivated me to start pulling songs out of the drawer, and letting the world hear them.
Providence maybe.
I am a songwriter..I put what I see, what I feel, hope and dream to music. I don't know where it comes from, and am not sure if its a gift or a curse yet...we'll see.


Gary Leiter has lived in Oklahoma Most of his life with his wife Cynthia and their 3 children. many people remember gary as the host of Hunt Sleep Fish Television on KSBI, and hunt sleep fish radio On WKY.
 Gary has been a fixture on the Oklahoma music scene for many years, starting out as the lead guitarist for the band "Sinners & Saints. Since then he has been playing with regional powerhouse "Slowvein" since the early 1990s. Opening for many national acts such as warrant, Tesla, Ratt, Blue oyster cult, 38 special and many many more, Slowvein went from a garage band to playing Kattfest for 16000 people. Being the songwriter for Slowvein, Gary penned "Train Wreck" which went to #1 on Songramp and Soundclick and garnered the band much positive press. With Slowvein Gary wrote 4 albums, each showing maturity in his songwriting journey.
Gary also wrote "Freedom Oklahoma" for Americas got talent finalist Blake Henderson.
He has recently turned his attention to becoming a professional songwriter, and his song "Pieces of Blue" recently put him on NSAI's writers to watch list.
He was also one of six songwriters selected for a Global Songwriter International 2015 event in Nashville.